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Kaixun KX-09A1 Fake Note Detector

Queue system type queuing
Data collector type RFID data acquisition
Data collector signal transmission wired
Data collector operating system palm
Function UV
Capacity LED
220V-50Hz / 60Hz Voltage

3,500.00৳  3,900.00৳ 


Compact and small design, easy to use and convenient. Ultraviolet light directly helps you avoid damage to your eyes. UV light detection, 2pcs 6W ultraviolet tube, more accurate. Check the authenticity of money and credit cards, mark all kinds of fluorescent signs. Support multiple paper currencies in the world. Can also identify credit / debit / ID cards, passports, driving licenses and other official documents. To support currency, Yuan / Brunei Ringgit / Romanian Ron / Vietnamese Dong / Cambodian Real / Canadian Dollar / Ringgit Malaysia / Korea One / NZD / ADD / NGN / Thai Baht / HK / Singapore Dollar, Taiwan Dollar Yen / British Pound / Securities, Invoices.

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